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Complete Bible Genealogy Every person in the Bible from Adam to Jesus

Complete Bible Genealogy

Find everybody who was mentioned by name in the Bible

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Every Person in the Bible

Here you can find every person mentioned by name in the Bible. The list contains 3087 people with details such as who were their parents, brothers, sisters, spouses, concubines and children.
Click here to see every relative of king David for instance.

Family Tree of Jesus

Click here for an in depth study of the Family Tree of Jesus Christ. The most interesting feature is the Interactive Graphical Family Tree, showing the ancestors and their relatives of Jesus Christ as they were mentioned in the Bible.
Click on the family tree icon Family Tree of Jesus Christ to see the family tree of Jesus Christ.

Every Bible verse of each person

There is a cross-reference for each person, listing every Bible verse where the person is mentioned by name.
Click here for a page that shows every Bible verse in which Jesus Christ is mentioned by name.

Kings of Judah and Israel

Click here for an in depth study of the Kings of Judah and Israel. See how the time-line of each king of Judah compares to the time-line of the Kings of Israel.

Read the KJV of the Bible

You can read the whole King James Version Bible here, highlighting and linking every person's name to his or her detailed information page. While you are reading, just click on the name of any person and you'll see all of his/her relatives in the next page.
Click here to read the 1769 Oxford Edition of the King James Bible.

Get to know Jesus

Have you met Jesus in person? It is my sincere wish for everybody to get to know Him. Not as a distant historical figure, but as a true friend and only Saviour. Click here for a collection of a few Bible verses that could help you to start a personal relationship with Jesus.

What is the purpose of this site?

Shortly after beginning to read the Bible you may have found it difficult to keep track of all the different names. Perhaps you've tried to write out how everyone is connected, but even before finishing Genesis, found the list had already become far too long.

Now however Complete Bible Genealogy provides a list of all the names and relationships, which you can use as a reference or as an addition to your Bible studies so you no longer need to worry about who's who in the Bible.

The secondary purpose of this site is to encourage those who hesitate to read the Bible because of the many names. Our hope is to help people overcome this obstacle and help them to make it easier to start reading God's word.

Which Bible version is used as the basis of this site?

The Bible used to construct the Complete Bible Genealogy website is the
"Authorized King James Version, edited by Dr. Blayney of Oxford (1769)".

One of the most important parts of this project is to define what source would be used.

There are many Bible translations available for us today and people's opinions are widely divided regarding which Bible is more accurate, which is easier to read, which provides better study tools, etc.

You may ask, "why is it necessary to have so many versions of the Bible?". The answer emerges when you start to compare the different translations.

The two major types of the translations are:

word for word translation

The translators stay as close to the original version as possible while making sure that the translation will be readable enough for their audience. For greater accuracy these translations can be used for reference works.
It is up to the reader how they interpret the verses: the translators don't try to change the wording in order to express their specific theological views, they present the thoughts as they were originally written.

thought for thought translation

The translators focus mainly on preserving the meaning of the verses and they use greater freedom selecting the words and phrases, therefore the finished translation is less usable for reference works, but more readable for wider audiences.

The logical choice was to use the King James Version, as it is a word-for-word translation, it has been around since 1611 and it is probably still the most widely used English translation.

The KJV itself has numerous "editions". This means that if you compare two KJV Bibles, there might be minor differences in the text. The differences are mostly in spelling or word order. There is more information available about these differences at the
Characteristics of the Authorized KJV Bible, 1769 Oxford edition page.

The electronic text

The electronic text of the Bible used here was obtained from The Oxford Text Archive ( ) and analyzed using F.H.A. Scrivener's book "The authorized edition of the English Bible (1611), Its Subsequent Reprints and Modern Representatives" (ISBN 1-59244-634-5) in order to pinpoint the exact edition.

The in print Bible

King James Bible 1769 Once the electronic text was in place we wanted to find an in-print Bible, which used the same text. The closest match was: Cornerstone Bible Publishers - "Personal Reference Bible, King James Version".
It is available in most Bible stores as well as on
ISBN 1-55819-824-5, 1-55819-825-3, 1-55819-826-1,
1-55819-827-X, 1-55819-828-8.

You can read more about the different translations at

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